The Pulmonary Examination

The Pulmonary Examination
The Pulmonary Examination The Pulmonary Examination
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ISBN: 978-90-77201-18-3

authors: Dr. Elly M. van Duijnhoven & Dr. Arne F. van Belle

  • The lungs and airways
  • Background knowledge
  • Position of the lungs and airways in relation to the thoracic wall
  • Anatomical knowledge of lungs and airways
  • History-taking and general aspects of the lung
  • examination
  • History-taking
  • Aim of the examination of the lungs
  • Conditions for the examination
  • Material for the examination
  • Sequence of the examination of the lungs
  • Inspection
  • General inspection
  • Inspection of the thorax
  • Palpation
  • Lymph node stations
  • Respiratory excursions
  • Pain upon palpation
  • Vocal fremitus
  • Percussion
  • Percussion sounds
  • Aims of thoracic percussion
  • Percussion of the posterior thorax
  • Percussion of the sides
  • Percussion of the anterior thorax
  • Auscultation
  • Assessment of breath sounds
  • Adventitious sounds
  • Bronchophony
  • Physical-diagnostic findings for some disorders
  • Summary of the lung examination procedure

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