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We now offer Subscription Plans for Individual SIM Themes and SIM Packages (a combination of SIM Themes).
You can choose for subscription durations of 1, 2, 4 or 6 years.
Visit: www.skillsinmedicine.com

Prices starting from  6.00 € (including VAT) for a 1-year Personal Subscription

* Currently only available in English - for Dutch see below


  • The complete series has been developed for use with a desktop computer, notebook, netbook, tablet and smart phone
  • Works excellently with all major operating systems e.g. Microsoft, Apple and Linux operating systems
  • For use with all major web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Opera
  • Includes a powerful 'cross-theme' search engine
  • State of the art video streaming
  • Content optimized for use with mobile devices (responsive design)

Mobile learning

  • Have your 'Skills In Medicine' application always available*
  • View high quality video via HotSpot, WiFi or 3G/4G mobile networks
  • State of the art adaptive stream technology garanties video content delivery adapted to your available bandwith

* depending on the network availability

The web-based/online version includes the complete content as found in the books:www.skillsinmedicine.com displayed on iPhone

  • The Neurological Examination
  • The Examination of the Abdomen
  • The Cardiovascular Examination
  • The Examination of the Spine
  • The Examination of the Ear, Nose, Mouth, Throat and Neck
  • The Examination of the Eyes and Vision
  • The Gynaecological Examination
  • Minor Surgery
  • The Examination of the Upper Extremities
  • The Pulmonary Examination
  • The Examination of the Lower Extremities
  • Obstetrics
  • Bandages and Bandaging Techniques
  • The Psychiatric Interview





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1-jarig persoonlijk abonnement: VIG Online
Prijs: 78.00 € (inclusief BTW) www.vaardighedenindegeneeskunde.nl De gehele serie is ontwik..
5-jarig persoonlijk abonnement: VIG Online
Prijs: 165.00 € (inclusief BTW) www.vaardighedenindegeneeskunde.nl De gehele serie is ontwi..
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