The Examination of the SpineBook (88 pages) & cd-rom

ISBN: 978-90-77201-26-8

authors: Dr. M. T. A. Boumans, Dr. A. van Ooy & Prof. H. van Mameren

  • Anatomy and kinesiology of the spine, and general terminology
    • Structure and function of the spine
    • The cervical vertebrae
    • The thoracic vertebrae
    • The lumbar vertebrae
    • The sacrum
    • The coccyx
    • Anatomical variations in the bony spine
    • Muscles of the spine
    • Functions of the lumbar back muscles
    • Spinal range of motion
    • General terminology
  • Principles, techniques and procedure for the examination of the spine
    • Examination principles
    • Examination technique and procedure
    • Inspection
    • Examination of active range of motion
    • Muscle tests
    • Palpation
    • Specific tests
    • The neurovascular examination
  • Special examination techniques
    • Further examination of the cervical spine
    • Tests to detect muscle imbalance
  • Spinal shape and posture defects
    • The normal posture and shape in the sagittal plane
    • Development of the normal shape of the spine
    • Sagittal plane deformities
    • Frontal plane deformities

The Examination of the Spine